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GoGreenRoutes: Outline of the project


Learn all about GoGreenRoutes in this introductory project presentation.

Publication Date: 29 Jul 2021

Author(s): Maynooth University and ICLEI Europe

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Stakeholder mapping report in each of the Cultivating Cities


Over the next years, diverse actions are planned in GoGreenRoutes to broaden the understanding and concept of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and to develop new approaches for city (re)design which actively promote the health of urban dwellers in particular. As part of Work Package 3 (WP3) "Cultivating: Re-/Co-Design, Co-Creation, and Co-Ownership" in GoGreenRoutes, six interventions based on NBS approaches will be...

Publication Date: 26 Jul 2021

Author(s): Miryam Bah, Julia Gäckle (RWTH Aachen), Eleanor Chapman (ICLEI)

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GoGreenRoutes Report on Co-creation


Primarily based on literature review, this report explores the concept of co-creation in practice-based research (including key definitions; benefits and limitations; obstacles and enablers; and supporting tools and methodologies), in connection with the project themes of nature-based solutions, and health and wellbeing. The content of this report is part of a wider process aimed at establishing and maintaining a sound...

Publication Date: 09 Mar 2021

Author(s): Vera Noppenberger (ICLEI), Eleanor Chapman (ICLEI), Julia Gäckle (RWTH Aachen), Mari Carmen Garcia (MCG), Tiiu Koff (University of Tallinn)

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Editorial Article on Human-Nature Interactions: Perspectives on Conceptual and Methodological Issues


Frontiers in Psychology editorial article.

Publication Date: 19 Nov 2020

Author(s): Tadhg E. MacIntyre, Juergen Beckmann, Giovanna Calogiuri, Aoife A. Donnell, Marc V. Jones, Christopher R. Madan, Mike Rogerson, Noel E. Brick, Mark Nieuwenhuijsen and Christopher James Gidlow

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