GoGreenRoutes Data Hub

The GoGreenRoutes Data Hub provides access to the NBS-related monitoring data gathered in the GGR Cultivating Cities.
These datasets present the overall context of urban green in the cities. The Data Hub allows interested users to download these data sets. 
Moreover, you can access the cities' local data portals, and thus the entire databases of the GoGreenRoutes Cultivating Cities, by clicking the links below.
GoGreen Routes Data Hub:

Project data in the context of urban green distribution

Green space plays a major role within the GoGreen Routes project. The Cultivating Cities pioneer Nature-based Solutions and green infratructure like green corridors, parks and community gardens to improve urban residents' health and well-being. These initiatives maximize public space, encourage active lifestyles, and restore ecological areas. They also reduce pollution, enhance urban ventilation, provide habitat for various species, all while promoting residents' prosperity. All these aims are closely linked to the characteristics and the distribution of green space in the urban environment.

The GoGreen Routes Data Hub offers the Cultivating Cities a tool to visualize their urban green spaces, their respective proportions, and spatial distribution. This approach brings about the following advantages:

  • The context for local NbS interventions by GoGreen Routes is outlined in a homogeneous way for all cities.
  • Applying this concept across cities enables assessment and comparison of relevant environmental characteristics simultaneously.
  • Small-scale NbS interventions, when replicated across multiple locations, yield significant effects at city-wide and regional scales. This systematic mapping approach illustrates these effects.
  • The tool empowers city planners to make informed decisions by evaluating the impacts of existing NBS interventions and identifying areas in need of future interventions.
  • Satellite-based data ensure unbiased and reliable information, fostering consistency.
  • This tool has the potential to assess the effects of scaled-up NBS interventions even at the European level, aiding in the design of future project calls targeting NBS interventions.


Urban green in the cultivating cities and local monitoring data


Umeå, Sweden


Open Data Umeå


Versailles, France


Versailles CAVGP Platform


Tallinn, Estonia


Open Data Tallinn


Lahti, Finland


Lahti WFS Data Platform


Limerick, Ireland


Insight Limerick