Burgas, Bulgaria

POPULATION:  274 000 

Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, located on the Black Sea Coast, at the eastern border of the European Union. The city is surrounded by water – to the east, by the Black Sea, and to the north, west and south, by the three seaside lakes Burgas, Atanasovsko and Mandrensko.

Other natural features are Burgas' sandy beaches, air "highways" of migrating birds, the Strandzha natural park and the Burgas Mineral Springs, one of the oldest springs with water temperature of 41.5°C. About 20% of the municipality’s land area is protected due to its impressive biodiversity and as a sanctuary for endangered species of migrating birds, fish and mammals.

Burgas is a signatory to the Green City Accord. In signing the Green City Accord, city leaders in Burgas agree to take further action to protect the natural environment and to acheive ambitious goals by 2030 in five important areas: air, water, nature and biodiversity, waste and circular economy, and noise.

A retreat from city life
in a green urban oasis

In Burgas, the GoGreenRoutes team is revitalising two urban areas in Burgas close to the city centre. One such area lies in the neighborhood of Bratya Miladinovvi and is envisioned to be an urban space for wellbeing, utilizing plants, seating and recreational spaces for exercise and even greener parking spaces.

The other area near Gurko street and Oborishte is imagined to be a green meeting space, cleverly referred to as "Park Island", providing an oasis for recreation, sound therapy and connection to nature. The park is intended for all residents but the framework for the space creates ideal conditions for patients of nearby health facilities. Ideas are in place for seven units in the park including: meeting spaces, interactive music installations, a multi-purpose stage for yoga and tai chi or theatre, a physiotherapy corner, water sculptures, wooden play area with built elements for children to climb and explore, and accesesibility through pathways, bike racks and joint parking spaces. Handicap access has also been considered.

Green connections will be re-established through the construction of walkways and greenery, providing recreational spaces for people to explore the city in a sustainable, healthier way. Residents will have the possibility to retreat from city life, observe nature and watch local wildlife without leaving Burgas. Both locations will benefit greatly from interventions.

"This is not just about planting trees, but making the area accessible to citizens. These two territories are part of the co puzzle-small places in the city that we believe if we renovate and connect them as much as possible, will make the whole picture better."- Ivaylo Trendafilov, Burgas Municipality.

GoGreenRoutes is working on reshaping the spatial planning of the area and partners are involving citizens in stakeholder engagement activities. To date, the city of Burgas has finalised their concepts, presenting to local stakeholders at its 'seedbed intervention' (citizens, small business representatives of medical institutions, providors of social services. Earlier at a city workshop, city councillors stopped by. This event raised big interest among the local media, showing that there is interest in this important work connecting citizens to nature in the urban sphere.

City Initiatives 

  • The Burgas Run, is an idea from a group of friends who love sea, sports, culture and good beer, celebrates its third edition. 
  • Burgas is involved in European Mobility Week, The European Commission’s flagship event on sustainable urban mobility. 
  • Proud signatory of the Green City Accord, a movement committed to making cleaner and healthier cities. 
  • Every year Bulgaria hosts a World Walking Day. In 2021 Burgas hosted a special tour in Primorski Park.
  • Check out this sustainable playground from the “I Love Nature and I Participate” campaign. 

Ivaylo Trendafilov, Burgas Municipality, i.trendafilov@burgas.bg

Burgas Municipality website