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What socio-demographic characteristics of university students in Southern Germany predict their urban nature connectedness?


Promoting mental health addresses a global societal challenge. Nature connectedness, or relatedness to natural systems, is associated with increased well-being and mental health. This cross- sectional online study addressed this issue by identifying socio-demographic predictors of urban nature connectedness.

Publication Date: 03 Aug 2022

Author(s): Scho ̈nbach DMI, Tiscareno-Osorno X, MacIntyre TE, Smith S, MacIntyre D, Demetriou Y

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Terms of Reference for Urban Well-being Labs and associated local task forces in each of the cultivating cities


This ToR document refers  to the intended development of Urban Well-Being Labs and the further establishment of a Local Task Force in each of the six participating cities.

In the context of this ToR document, a focus is placed on the following key factors:
• Listing of all definitions of important terms that need to be understood before an UWBL can be developed or NBS interventions can be implemented.
• List of...

Publication Date: 22 Jul 2022

Author(s): Julia Gäckle, Shreya Utkarsh, Miryam Bah, Jole Lutzu

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Between the Library and Lectures: How Can Nature Be Integrated Into University Infrastructure to Improve Students’ Mental Health


The university campus provides the backdrop to a student’s education and social journey. For many students, the transition from secondary school through to graduation can be one of upheaval, geographical, financial and social change.This mixed method research examines the opportunity to integrate nature through interventions for University of Sheffield undergraduate students. It uses a green prescription style activity...

Publication Date: 17 Jun 2022

Author(s): Francesca Boyd

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Usage of Mobile Applications or Mobile Health Technology to Improve Diet Quality in Adults


The use of mobile applications for dietary purposes has dramatically increased along with the consistent development of mobile technology. Assessing diet quality as a dietary pattern or an indicator across key food groups in comparison to those recommended by dietary guidelines is useful for identifying optimal nutrient intake. This systematic review aims to explore mobile applications and their impact on the diet...

Publication Date: 12 Jun 2022

Author(s): Alan Scarry, Jennifer Rice, Eibhlís M. O’Connor, Audrey C. Tierney

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Taking real steps in virtual nature: a randomized blinded trial


Studies show that green exercise (i.e., physical activity in the presence of nature) can provide benefits of both physical exercise and nature exposure. The present study aimed to investigate the extent to which virtual green exercise may extend these benefits to people that are unable to engage in active visits to natural environments, as well as to promote enhanced exercise behavior.


Publication Date: 08 Jun 2022

Author(s): Sigbjørn Litleskare, Fred Fröhlich, Ole Einar Flaten, Amelia Haile1, Svein Åge Kjøs Johnsen, Giovanna Calogiuri

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