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The development of a Gender, Inclusion and Diversity Framework for inclusive Nature-based Solutions in cities


Evidence consistently shows that the benefits Nature-based Solutions generate are determined
by several individual characteristics such as gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity and disability. As a result, Nature-based Solutions can perpetuate existing inequalities and even create new inequalities partly because diverse minority and marginalized people are underrepresented in the process of designing and implementing...

Publication Date: 29 Feb 2024

Author(s): Ben Delbaere, Evelise Pereira Barboza, Evelien Van Rafelghem, Kalyn Potter ,Eilish McCabe, Áine McBeth, Shreya Utkarsh, Kassia Rudd, Maria J. Fernandez de Osso Fuentes, Adriana Duarte, Julia Gäckle and Hans Keune

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Visionary and integrated solutions to improve well-being and health in cities: Clustering Activities - Joint Manifesto


The following is a joint manifesto from four sister projects which calls on European cities to launch initiatives that offer visionary and integrated solutions at the intersection of social, cultural, digital and nature-based solutions (NBS) to increase the health and well-being of citizens. We are funded under the call SC5-14-2019 to address the challenge in an ambitious way and we commenced our innovation actions in...

Publication Date: 09 Feb 2024

Author(s): GoGreenRoutes + IN-HABIT + VARCITIES + euPOLIS

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Concept to Delivery Innovation Programme - Sustainable finance, business models and nature-based entrepreneurship strategies for Nature-based Solutions


Designing, delivering and managing nature-based solutions at a level that provides environmental, social and economic benefits while building resilience and benefitting biodiversity is complex. There are many issues to consider and many different stakeholders involved at all stages of the process. When the focus of the NBS is shifted more towards the co-benefits outlined above it is perhaps even more important to get...

Publication Date: 09 Dec 2023

Author(s): Siobhan McQuaid, Horizon Nua John Gallagher, Trinity College Dublin Shreya Utkarsh, Kassia Rudd and Adriana Duarte ICLEI; Aine MacBeth, Connect the Dots.

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D6.3 Digital Placemaking tool-kit for all Cultivating Cities


In an era where technology and nature seemingly stand at opposite ends, digital placemaking offers a unique opportunity to bridge this gap, offering a harmonious blend that enhances human connection with urban nature environments through innovative digital interventions.

Firstly, descriptions and explanations of the nature of digital placemaking is provided, highlighting how digital innovations envision a future...

Publication Date: 06 Nov 2023

Author(s): Fernández de Ossó Fuentes, Maria J., Keegan, Brendan J., MacIntyre, T., Maynooth University (Ireland); Jones, Marc V., Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)

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Lahti Health Forest Informational Brochure


Curious about the lay of the land at Lahti's new health forest? Then check out this new brochure which tells you what you will discover there and the many benefits of a guided experience in nature.

Publication Date: 06 Sep 2023

Author(s): Suutari Taru

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Lahti Health Forest Informational Brochure