The development of a Gender, Inclusion and Diversity Framework for inclusive Nature-based Solutions in cities


Evidence consistently shows that the benefits Nature-based Solutions generate are determined
by several individual characteristics such as gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity and disability. As a result, Nature-based Solutions can perpetuate existing inequalities and even create new inequalities partly because diverse minority and marginalized people are underrepresented in the process of designing and implementing Nature-based Solutions. Therefore, some Nature- based Solutions scholars have highlighted the necessity to actively involve diverse minority and marginalized groups into the co-creation processes of Nature-based Solutions and to investigate who benefits from the Nature-based Solution and why. Within the GoGreenRoutes H2020 project a transdisciplinary gender, inclusion and diversity panel was established in order to map existing challenges within the consortium. Concordantly, relevant scientific resources and policy documents were identified. Both were blended during consensus meetings in order to develop a common understanding leading to a theoretical gender, inclusion and diversity framework. This framework consists of five domains: (1) gender equality; (2) LGBTQI + rights (3) social, cultural and ethnic background; (4) people with disabilities; (5) integration of refugees and immigrants; and (6) intergenerational perspectives. Further, the framework was operationalized through the development of a checklist for researchers and practitioners.

Publication Date: 29 Feb 2024

Author(s): Ben Delbaere, Evelise Pereira Barboza, Evelien Van Rafelghem, Kalyn Potter ,Eilish McCabe, Áine McBeth, Shreya Utkarsh, Kassia Rudd, Maria J. Fernandez de Osso Fuentes, Adriana Duarte, Julia Gäckle and Hans Keune