GoGreenRoutes City Factsheets Deliverable 8.3 Work Package 8


This report was developed as a part of the research project “GO GREEN: Resilient Optimal Natural, Technological and Environmental Solutions (GoGreenRoutes)”, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. The project is funded until August 2024 and includes diverse actions to broaden the understanding and concept of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) to develop new approaches to design modern cities that actively promote the health of urban residents.

The GoGreenRoutes (GGR) project consortium will conduct a multi-dimensional health impact assessment and subsequent cost-benefit analysis, outlining both the distinctive and cumulative impacts of environmental quality (EQ) and 360-Health factors on these health outcomes. A method of accurately evaluating GGR interventions and the associated benefits of increased human-nature interactions in urban settings will be developed. This can support improved physical health and mental well-being, as well as reduced mortality and morbidity, as access to green/blue spaces can promote a healthy lifestyle.

Publication Date: 31 Aug 2022

Author(s): Prof. Mark Nieuwenhuijsen (ISGlobal), Evelise Pereira Barboza (ISGlobal), Hans Keune (UA)