Stakeholder mapping report in each of the Cultivating Cities


Over the next years, diverse actions are planned in GoGreenRoutes to broaden the understanding and concept of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and to develop new approaches for city (re)design which actively promote the health of urban dwellers in particular. As part of Work Package 3 (WP3) "Cultivating: Re-/Co-Design, Co-Creation, and Co-Ownership" in GoGreenRoutes, six interventions based on NBS approaches will be developed in the six ‘Cultivating Cities’: Burgas (Bulgaria), Lahti (Finland), Limerick (Ireland), Tallinn (Estonia), Umeå (Sweden), and Versailles (France). One of the first steps defined in the research plan is to create a firm foundation for the future design and implementation of these interventions. Each Cultivating City partner has already selected possible locations within the city, however the specific nature of the interventions, their planning and detailed design is yet to be determined. The coming planning and decision-making process is intended to be a collaborative one, involving a range of departments within the city administration, but also external groups, to ensure that the future interventions effectively address a diverse range of needs and interests. In order to do so, the constellation of possible local stakeholders in each city needs to be mapped and analysed as early as possible, so that key organisations and groups can be identified and engaged. From these, a ‘local task force’ will be formed and actively involved.

Publication Date: 26 Jul 2021

Author(s): Miryam Bah, Julia Gäckle (RWTH Aachen), Eleanor Chapman (ICLEI)