Seedbed Intervention: Umeå


The Cultivating City of Umeå carried out its seedbed intervention. Bölevägen is the name of the street that will be reconstructed over the next two years, along four green spaces that will be designed and developed. The seedbed intervention site, Aspgärdan, was an empty area close to an English school along Bölevägen. The aim of the seedbed intervention was to collect ideas of the citizens on how to design the largest of the green areas at Bölevägen and to raise awareness of the possibilities to re-design the surroundings. The event was a drop-in style with a set agenda including talks and  concerts. Visitors could find out about the reconstruction of Bölevägen, GoGreenRoutes and new housing schemes that will be developed in the area. Visitors discussed the project with municipality members and were encouraged to fill out a survey relating to the parklet. In addition to the families who came to the event, there were also a group of five-year-olds from Böle Preschool, a large group of schoolchildren and a school-age childcare group. Pictures of the children from Böle Preschool where they had previously drawn how they wanted the green patch at their pre-school to look like were hung up for public viewing.

Publication Date: 31 Mar 2023

Author(s): Julia Gäckle et. al.

Seedbed Intervention: Umeå