D6.3 Digital Placemaking tool-kit for all Cultivating Cities


In an era where technology and nature seemingly stand at opposite ends, digital placemaking offers a unique opportunity to bridge this gap, offering a harmonious blend that enhances human connection with urban nature environments through innovative digital interventions.

Firstly, descriptions and explanations of the nature of digital placemaking is provided, highlighting how digital innovations envision a future where technology enhances, rather than detracts from, our connection with the natural world. By embracing this innovative approach, we strive to create a blueprint for sustainable, digital placemaking that can be replicated and adapted globally.

Secondly, a framework for the planning implementation and evaluation of a digital placemaking initiative is provided, offering support for cities and municipalities embarking upon such an endeavour.

Thirdly, bespoke digital placemaking toolkits have been created as a series of strategies and decision-making tools for each City involved in the GoGreenRoutes project. Each toolkit provides a set of strategies based on empirical and industry insights, designed to enhance the urban nature physical place experiences and promote nature connectedness, place attachment, place branding and wellbeing. Lastly, broader advice has been suggested for the associated Seed Cities involved in the project.

Publication Date: 06 Nov 2023

Author(s): Fernández de Ossó Fuentes, Maria J., Keegan, Brendan J., MacIntyre, T., Maynooth University (Ireland); Jones, Marc V., Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)