Concept to Delivery Innovation Programme - Sustainable finance, business models and nature-based entrepreneurship strategies for Nature-based Solutions


Designing, delivering and managing nature-based solutions at a level that provides environmental, social and economic benefits while building resilience and benefitting biodiversity is complex. There are many issues to consider and many different stakeholders involved at all stages of the process. When the focus of the NBS is shifted more towards the co-benefits outlined above it is perhaps even more important to get the basics right.This guidebook, focuses on the financing, and creation of sustainable business models for NBS. We also examine how nature-based enterprises can support cities in designing,delivering and managing NBS and how NBS in turn can help stimulate a local naturepositive economy.

Publication Date: 09 Dec 2023

Author(s): Siobhan McQuaid, Horizon Nua John Gallagher, Trinity College Dublin Shreya Utkarsh, Kassia Rudd and Adriana Duarte ICLEI; Aine MacBeth, Connect the Dots.