Co-Creation in the making: Introducing and Co-Planning seedbed interventions


This report provides an overview of co-creational activities taking place in 6 European cities: Burgas (Bulgaria), Lahti (Finland) Limerick (Ireland), Tallinn (Estonia), Umeå (Sweden), and Versailles (France). These activities took place under the context of what is referred to as seedbed interventions, or short term on-site/online interventions (e.g. pollinator gardens, workshops), which foster connections between different user groups. In the context of GoGreenRoutes, these interventions aim to improve the well-being of city residents and connect different user groups to nature. The seedbed interventions are framed within a scientific context and the report reflects on approaches from various seedbed intervention cities, describing results and evaluations, which will result in improved NBS interventions in 2023. This report seeks to contextualise the identified  definition of seedbed interventions within urban-well being labs, while further highlighting advantages, limitations, and further opportunities for preparing for NBS interventions with emerging processes(processes taking shape with joint input from users). Recommendations are provided for further steps local task forces can take on to foster co-creation over time.

Publication Date: 31 Mar 2022

Author(s): Julia Gäckle, Shreya Utkarsh, Miryam Bah, Jole Lutzu