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6 February 2023

GoGreen into 2023: publications of note in the new year

GoGreen into 2023: publications of note in the new year

GoGreenRoutes is gearing towards our next Spring School at Maynooth University, Near Nature : Green Space and Environmental Justice. The event aims to highlight how nature and the health benefits associated with it can be more accessible, as GoGreenRotues firmly believes that it is not enough just to bring nature to cities, but to also ensure these green urban spaces and ecosystem benefits are available for as many citizens as possible. Part of this equation is exploring these topics through environmental research to learn more about potential barriers and potential for nature to improve health in many areas of social life.

We are proud to say that our team has many talented researchers exploring intersections of health, wellbeing and justice. Here you can find some noteworthy publications in the field. There are many more and we will continue to highlight them in the coming months:

There are just some examples of publications now out. To access a more comprehensive view of the GGR body of research, explore our publications .

The GoGreenRoutes consortium fosters research and innovation across a multitude of academic institutions and actively supports early career research. Learn more about our early career researchers.

Seeing morning view from different angle (Unsplash) by "Go to Wayan Aditya's profile Wayan Aditya", licensed under free stock