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4 October 2022

Lahti enages students in Planetary Health

Lahti enages students in Planetary Health

GoGreenRoutes Cultivating City Lahti (Finland) was hard at work during the summer months furthering initiatives related to health and well-being, most notably on Planetary Health. The city has recently carried out its Seedbed Intervention related to this topic, an event bringing together local stakeholders to discuss ideas for putting health and nature focused interventions in local community green spaces, namely the Kintterö health forest.

The European Green Capital 2021 city held a summer school with expert-led discussions on Planetary Boundaries and overconsumption, environmental pollution, and urban biodiversity.

Topics of the summer school included:

  • Environment
  • Health and urban living such as the impact of environmental changes on our health (Non-communicable diseases and our changing environment
  • Mental wellbeing and nature-based solutions
  • Planetary health in healthcare
  • Achieving sustainable lifestyles (Climate change mitigation potential of Finnish households through consumption changes;
  • Sustainable mobility; About town planning; Citizen Participation)
  • Delivering successful consultancy presentation
  • Service design and more

Furthermore, students also worked with a GoGreenRoutes case study, preparing a plan for achieving the health and wellbeing benefits related to nature based green, blue and white space in Lahti. The students focused on providing benefits and solutions to the mental challenges at hand. Plan design included consideration of the evidence-based need, tasks, outcomes, and expected impact.

Stay tuned to learn more about recent Seedbed Interventions in Lahti and other participating GoGreenRoutes cities!

Learn more about Green Capital 2021 Lahti (Finland) here. Interested in health and wellbeing with urban nature? Check out the Nature Step to Health programme.

Sun kiss (Unsplash) by "Carlos "Grury" Santos", licensed under Free stock