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3 May 2023

Gathering for nature: Results from Innovative Seedbed Interventions create awareness for urban greening and well-being

Gathering for nature: Results from Innovative Seedbed Interventions create awareness for urban greening and well-being

In a monumental milestone for GoGreenRoutes, results from our six Cultivating Cities Seedbed Interventions are now available! Seedbed interventions are temporary nature-based interventions meant to foster co-creation, and in the context of GoGreenRoutes, these actions are meant to create awareness for issues related to nature, health and urban-wellbeing.

In the full report, one can dive deeply into the inner workings of these unique interventions including methods, commonalities, unique differences, as well as the policy contexts that inform the reader as to the unique approach in each city. We have also released ten page summaries for each of the six City Partners Burgas, Lahti, Limerick, Tallinn, Umeå and Versailles, which provide a more accessible and visual look into the interventions.

“The goal of these efforts and the seedbed interventions as temporary interventions before the actual permanent NBS interventions is to realize locally appropriate and resident-oriented concepts in particular, so that a public space designed by NBS emerges that particularly integrates social parameters. This approach shall contribute to the development of sustainable and locally relevant NBS in each city.”

The six Seedbed Interventions were carried out at different times between July and September 2022, engaging residents and passerby via various methods such as photovoice and canvas. While there were small variations in each location, the general format of the Seedbeds allowed organic discussion and enabled a rich gathering of opinions on local understanding of the development of NBS in each area.

Co-creation was the essential element that allowed for more locally appropriate and innovative implementation of NBS. The Seebed Interventions were a unique opportunity lending insights to practitioners in the field and locals alike, which all present for the Seedbeds took time to reflect on.

Looking Ahead

Keeping local citizens and stakeholders engaged is one of the primary aims, moving ahead with work in the Cultivating Cities. At the beginning of the GoGreenRoutes project, a stakeholder mapping was conducted to identify key actors and solidify scope and potential impact of each respective intervention. Much of this work has been facilitated by GoGreenRoutes partner, Connect the Dots, who have created a practical guide to help City Partners devise practical solutions to potential challenges with engagement.

Though new interventions await in the form of Urban Well-being Labs, it is clear that the Seedbed Interventions were already instrumental to engaging locals for co-creation in each of the six target areas.

This report was a strong effort from partners across GoGreenRoutes, including but not limited to, RWTH Aachen, ICLEI European Secretariat, Tallinn University, University of Antwerp, Maynooth University, TU Dublin, LAB University of Applied Science Lahti our City representatives and reviewers, and of course our engaged participants and stakeholders of our six Cultivating Cities.

Read the full Seedbed Intervention report here and broaden your understanding of the value of well-designed and accessible urban green space for citizens.

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