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18 April 2023

Explore public perceptions and environmental quality with GoGreenRoutes

Explore public perceptions and environmental quality with GoGreenRoutes

GoGreenRoutes' footprint in our six Cultivating Cities, from Limerick (Ireland) to Lahti (Finland) is growing as our research teams, city partners and local community leaders will explore public perceptions and measure the quality of the local natural environments. During April, May and June, we are connecting with citizens across the six target cities of our project to assess the green spaces and surrounding areas that are being re-greened as part of our €10.48 million H2020 project. Coordinated at Maynooth University, the project is partnered with municipalities and many local research partners (e.g. University of Limerick, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Tallinn University and LAB University of Applied Sciences, in Lahti).

We commence our work in Castletroy, Limerick to explore the greenway and how people use it and what benefits they get from it. Walking interviews, where we are among the tools we use to amplify the voice of local citizens who are outdoors in their local green space. We also measure the air and noise pollution, and conduct observational analysis of the quality of the nature and how people use it. Some of these methods have been developed previously by our research partners (e.g. RECITAL tool) while others are novel to our project (e.g. Environmental Quality Index). The Hush City App, used previously in a study of quiet spaces in Limerick is part of our toolkit to assess the natural areas. We will also be using an interactive survey for citizens to highlight their future green space needs.

We will next explore Umeå (Sweden), followed by a visit to Finland and the city of Lahti, 2021 European Green Capital over 2,000km from Limerick. Tallinn (Estonia), won this prestigious award in 2023. Finally we will end in Burgas, Bulgaria and then Versailles, in Yvelines region outside of Paris.

To date, GoGreenRoutes has developed robust statistical evidence to support how access to local greenspace can save lives. A study led by Evelise Barboza at ISGlobal estimated that 43,000 lives could be saved if people living in cities had access to green space within 5 minutes of their home. Our current research is set to build on this and now we focus on public perceptions of nature and the biodiversity and natural soundscape of the local nature in order that we more fully explore how public perception connects with environmental quality in urban space.

For further information about our activities in the cities please contact info@gogreenroutes.eu

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