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28 February 2024

GoGreenRoutes Mobile App for Resilience and Nature-Connectedness seeks participants in six urban centres

GoGreenRoutes Mobile App for Resilience and Nature-Connectedness seeks participants in six urban centres

Have you heard about the new GoGreenRotues Mobile App for Resilience and Nature Connectedness? This initiative will be launched in Limerick city in 2024 as part of the EU-funded GoGreenRoutes project and will also soon launch in six urban centres overall. GoGreenRoutes is a €10.5m research project working with six European cities, one of which is Limerick, through the creation and development of "nature based solutions" such as pocket parks, green corridors and shared walkways for the betterment of the physical and mental health and wellbeing of urban residents, as well as the environmental quality of the six participating urban centres.

The GoGreenRoutes Mobile App for Resilience and Nature Connectedness is designed for university students and has two primary aims: to build the psychological resilience of the participants involved, whilst also strengthening the connection and affinity the participants have for nature and the outdoors. The programme itself is housed within a tailored mobile application and is designed to be completed over six weeks, with participants addressing a specific resilience-related theme every week. Each theme contains a written informational component, as well as a selection of carefully crafted nature-based activities designed to promote psychological resilience and bring the user closer to nature.

As we begin 2024, many of us are seeking new ways to lead healthier and more active lives and this programme offers an immersive and scaffolded opportunity to make meaningful changes in your life, whilst also actively contributing to a research project focused upon creating more liveable, green and healthy cities across Europe. The programme is evidence-based and contains a range of strategies and activities designed to enhance users' sense of wellbeing, build their ability to tackle challenges as they arise within their lives and help them to uncover the benefits of outdoor activity. Participants in the programme are also entered into a prize draw within which they have the opportunity to win one of five €50 gift cards.

To sign up for the programme, click here.
Check out the GoGreenRoutes project at https://gogreenroutes.eu/. If you need more information about the programme, please feel free to get in touch with Aleksandra Szproch (Senior Research Officer, ICEP Europe) via a.szproch@icepe.eu