Upcoming Events

2 - 3 July 2024, 09:00 - 05:30

Brussels, Belgium-

GoGreenRoutes & Sister Projects Final Event & New Cluster Launch

GoGreenRoutes & Sister Projects Final Event & New Cluster Launch

GoGreenRoutes is pleased to invite you to a unique and collaborative final event and launch. The GoGreenRoutes and Sister Projects Final Event will also feature the launch of a New Planetary Health Cluster at BluePoint Brussels, on July 2-3rd, 2024. The final event is one of the largest knowledge-exchange opportunities.

What Projects are Featured?

will include several highlights such as the virtual reality showcase, a showcase of the climate boxes and Soundscape walking tour. GoGreenRoutes will also be joined by its sister projects from the Horizon cluster: IN-HABIT, euPOLIS and VARCITIES (see below).


A brief introduction of the three projects is below:

IN-HABIT INclusive Health And wellBeing In small and medium size ciTies (IN-HABIT) aims to identify visionary and integrated solutions to promote inclusive health and wellbeing in small and medium-sized cities. In each of the four pilot cities, the project will investigate how the mobilisation of existing undervalued resources, such as culture and heritage, food, human-animal bonds, and art and environment, might contribute to boosting health and wellbeing, with a focus on gender, diversity, equity and inclusion.

euPOLIS aims to improve Public Health in cities by introducing nature-based solutions into urban planning practices. That means that experts are taking the best from nature’s ways to regulate and improve biodiversity by incorporating various BLUE (water) and GREEN (plant life) aspects of nature into urban open spaces where it can intensify people’s wellbeing in terms of climate, ecological and socio-economic conditions. euPOLIS methodology introduces several analytical procedures making the process more transparent and open to stronger IT support. One of the specialities is the planning of urban spaces populated with vegetation with a proven beneficial impact on cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic diseases. The philosophy is deeply grounded in the extensive and permanent citizens’ participation in urban-planning processes.

VARCITIES - In an increasingly urbanised world, cities face several challenges and threats and struggle to propose credible urban futures and new opportunities for their citizens. VARCITIES is an ambitious project that puts the citizens and the “human communities” at the centre of future cities’ vision, in the belief that future cities should become fully human-centred.

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