Terms of Reference for Urban Well-being Labs and associated local task forces in each of the cultivating cities


This ToR document refers  to the intended development of Urban Well-Being Labs and the further establishment of a Local Task Force in each of the six participating cities.

In the context of this ToR document, a focus is placed on the following key factors:
• Listing of all definitions of important terms that need to be understood before an UWBL can be developed or NBS interventions can be implemented.
• List of methods that have been used to date to co-creatively establish UWBL`s and the Local Taskforce
• Framework to participate in the development of UWBL or to be part of the Local Taskforce.
• Outline currently planned actions in UWBL and of the Local Taskforce to initiate open discussion and
iterative processes for ongoing adaptation of actions throughout the life of the project.

Publication Date: 22 Jul 2022

Author(s): Julia Gäckle, Shreya Utkarsh, Miryam Bah, Jole Lutzu